24/7 Software Inc.™ has announced today that they are launching the world’s first remotely enabled USB powered treat feeder for pets.™ allows anyone to view, talk to, and feed their pet a treat from anywhere via phone, computer, or tablet.

24/7 Software Inc.™ Announced Today The Launch of the World’s First USB Powered Remotely Enabled Treat Feeder for Pets™ Launches Crowd funding Campaign to Initiate Production of Unique Treat Feeders for Pets

Halifax, NS, Canada – November 5, 2014 – 24/7 Software Inc.™, the Halifax based system integration specialists in hardware and software development , have announced today the launch of™ on self starter.™ is the world’s first USB powered, remotely enabled treat feeding system for pets.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of™, this has been the “pet project” of 24/7 Software Inc. ™ since 2011.” shared Ryan Murphy, Co-founder and COO of 24/7 Software Inc™. “The launch of™ is an exciting milestone for 24/7 Software Inc. ™ as we venture into the fast growing Pet-Tech market .”

“™ will give pet lovers of all ages new access to their pets, where traditionally they did not have it,” stated Andrew Bruce, Co-Founder and CTO of 24/7 Software Inc.™. “Pet’s are part of the family and we know there is a big demand for ways to interact with your pet when they are home alone, this is why we created our system.”



This innovation will allow consumers to view, talk to, and feed their pet a treat from anywhere in the world via phone, computer, or tablet. Pet separation anxiety is a major problem that plagues many pets,™ can help alleviate this issue for both pets and their owners.™ is a simple to use system and affordable for most pet owners, which were two very important goals in the development of this system. You simply download the™ software, plug in the treat feeder via USB into a webcam enabled home computer, and you are up and running.

About 24/7 Software Inc™.
24/7 Software Inc.™ is a firm of system integration specialists in hardware and software development based in Halifax, NS. We specialize in Bio-Medical software and Mobile-App development.

For more information please visit us on the web at, and to check out our crowd funding campaign for™ at

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